Our Services

Yacht Maintenance


We deal with regular upkeep tasks essential to your yacht's functionality, focusing on minimising breakdowns and extend its lifespan.

  • Engine and system checks (oil changes, filter checks, etc.)
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Hull inspections and upkeep
  • Basic Troubleshooting

Our Process

Engine & System Checks

Generators, pumps, those wires running everywhere...we give them all the same love. It's about making sure everything that keeps your yacht humming is, well, humming perfectly.
Engine & Generator: Serviced per manufacturer recommendations; minimum of every 100 hours or annually.
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Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Sure, a sparkling yacht is a sight to behold, but cleaning's about more than that. We fight the good fight against salt, sun, and anything else that tries to dull your shine. Inside, it's about keeping your spaces comfy and inviting.

Hull Inspection & Upkeep

Just like you wouldn't ignore a problem on deck, we're all about what's happening under the waterline. Catching those little blisters or a sneaky patch of barnacles early – that's what saves you major headaches later.
Haul-up cleaning and antifouling service: Advisable to be carried out annually or biannually in Singapore, ensuring the vessel's hull remains in optimal condition.
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Basic Troubleshooting

Think of troubleshooting like a treasure hunt where the clues are greasy fingerprints, weird smells, and that one gauge reading that just doesn't seem right. We love piecing it all together!

Understanding Spare Parts

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